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This is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2003 to integrate GnuPG and thus OpenPGP encryption and digital signatures. It has been written more or less from scratch and aims to replace the old and unmaintained plugin by G-DATA. It does not work with Outlook Express.

We are currently working on extending GpgOL to support S/MIME and Outlook 2007.


We don't provide an executable at this site anymore. Instead the plugin has been included into the Gpg4win project which provides a complete environment including the latest gpg versions and a graphical installer. Please visit www.gpg4win.org for installation instructions.

Known Problems

Here is a major problems we are aware of (2006-04-12):

  • It does not work with versions of Outlook older than OL2003SP2.
  • The version check which warns about too old Outlook versions does not work reliable. Make sure to use only OL 2003.
  • When replying to the second message of a mail thread you might get a template with a another messages of the same thread.
There are other problems as well, check out the bug database as described below.

Bug reports

Bug reporting: First click on the logo on the GnuPG options tab to check whether a newer version has been released - try this first.

If this does not help, check out the mailing list archive as well as the bug archive at bugs.gnupg.org (use username and password "guest", select "query" and there category "gpgol").

If you did not found any information there, please send a report to the mailing list "gnupg-users" (English) or "gnupg-de" (German). We suggest to prefix the subject with "[gpgol]".


Latest source tarballs are available at our FTP server.

You may view the Subversion repository online at cvs.gnupg.org.

Copyright (C) 2003, 2005 g10 Code GmbH, Erkrath-Hochdahl.
Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.