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How to buy directly from g10 Code

As an alternative to our Paypal based pay method (which may involve substantial processing fees) we have setup an easier method using direct money transfer which is now reasonable cheap and convenient within the EU.

To keep the transaction overhead low, we don't use any online pay method or a shop but merely send you information by email on how to conduct a purchase. That email will contain information on our bank account you then may use to perform a money transfer to this account. Because the space on the transfer orders is too small to enter all information required for a purchase we use the following protocol:

  1. You fill out the form below to indicate what you intend to buy and send it to our server by clicking on the "Continue" button. Note, that this does not represent an order of any kind; it is only to send us information we need in the case, you later decide to actually order.

  2. We will send you an response with a reference number and instructions on how to conduct the actual order. This response includes our account information including the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and what you entered in the form below.

  3. If you receive the email and now want to order what you indicated on this form, you should verify the signature of the bank account information (it will be signed by Werner Koch) and then issue a transfer order to that account indicating the reference number and your name or email address. If you do not want to order, simply ignore the email.

  4. As soon as we have received your money, we will match the given reference number with our archive of sent emails and conduct the order.

Of course we will not disclose your information and use them only for the purpose of your order. Our archive data will be deleted every couple of months, so please make sure not to use a reference number older than a few weeks. If you erroneously asked for a reference number, simply disregard the email sent to you and feel free to request a new email by re-entering the data in this form.

If you have further questions please write to sales 'at' g10code.com.

I intend to purchase the following services from g10 Code GmbH and ask for information on how to conduct the order:

Maintenance Program Price Qty. to be used for
GnuPG Maintenance Point 10 Euro OpenPGP related software like gpg, gpg-agent, pinentry, gpgme
KSBA Maintenance Point 10 Euro S/MIME related software like gpgsm, libksba and dirmngr
Crypto Maintenance Point 10 Euro Libgcrypt and other framework
Hurd Maintenance Point 10 Euro Development of the Hurd

We need your email address so send you the information on how to transfer the money. That address, as all other information you enter here, is only used for purposes of this transaction.
Email address:

If you want us to publish your name in our list of donators, please enter your name:
Donator name:

If you require an invoice, please enter your full postal address in the field below. Note, that we can only send invoices for total amounts of at least 50 Euro. Tax free delivery is only possible on request for larger amounts if a VAT Id can be presented.
Your name and
postal address:

Please click to receive an email with a reference number.

Copyright (C) 2003, 2005 g10 Code GmbH, Erkrath-Hochdahl.
Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.